Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama's Coup de Prague

Historians refer to a special kind of revolution where a totalitarian regime is democratically installed: it is called a "Coup de Prague".

We have just experienced one here. The band is still playing, the Captain is drinking his tea, and no one seems to be looking for the lifeboats - or even care for that matter.

Czechoslovakia, 1948: in a general election, the Communists are elected and quietly, overnight, the old Republic is dismantled. Communist bureaucrats and officials take the reins of power and the nation remains in the stranglehold of socialism for forty years.

So what happened here in 2008?

By the numbers:

64.5 million for Obama

56.8 million for McCain

Let's take a look at some of those liberal votes in light of fraud and illegal aliens. Examining these is a slippery subject. But we can estimate to some degree.

In Georgia, it was discovered that over 100,000 voter registrations were from people outside the state. Extrapolated across the United States, we are looking at potentially 6.5 million votes.

Of the 15 to 20 million illegal aliens in the country, it is estimated by David Simcox that 2.7 million participated in this election. Many have a saying: "If we don't vote, they will kick us out!" Thank goodness for Bill Clinton's Motor-Voter initiative of 1993.

ACORN has registered millions of "voters" in the past few years. Many voting districts reported recently of having more registered voters than voting-age residents!

With all that being said, we are looking at potentially 9.2 million fraudulent votes - the vast majority going Democrat. No addition was made for ACORN, which would push the total higher. Only 7.7 million votes separated McCain from Obama.

This wasn't an election. It was peaceful Socialist revolution. Perhaps we should refer to President Obama as "His Fraudulency". But not too loudly...

- Hugh Farnham


Silverfiddle said...

We need to realize that government incompetence brought us to this unfortunate point in our nation's history. Our crappy national, state and local governments can't even do an election right, the cornerstone of democracy.

Our decrepit, third-world election system is a stain on our nation. Anyone who thinks government is the solution need look no further.

Common sense voter registration and election laws would greatly reduce the chance of voter fraud.

Because the system is so full of holes and corruption, the legitimacy of President Bush's elections, and now that of president-elect Obama is called into question by people with legitimate concerns.

This is a shame. A national shame.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it all come down to a character issue among the general population? I mean, what kind of person even enjoys victories by ill gotten means?

I remember when we used to roll our eyes at foreigners with bogus elections and fist fights in the legislature.

Welcome to post Christian America.

Silverfiddle said...

Reminds me of a Dennis Prager quote to the affect that as a nation becomes less religious it makes more and more laws because without the moral system a religion bring people need secular laws.

I'm going to wait and see before I start criticizing. I at least want to see what his first 6 months look like. Pelosi, Reid and the gang at the other end of Pennsylvania scare me more than Mr. Obama.

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